Let's get flexible!

Flexibility is an important component of gymnastics and we decided to offer a dedicated hour to flexibilty exercises. A flexible body is less subjected to injuries and a daily gentle stretching routine can really make a difference in your life. So you either want to improve your flexibility for tumbling or just begin with a healthy routine, this is the right class for you.

Exercises and progressions

Our Flexibility class is open to everyone and to every level. You can expect to work on general flexibility involving the whole body and joints, with specific work on a particular area of your body, class after class. 

Every class will focus on one main goal: bridge and back and shoulders flexibility, front splits or box split.

Our flexibility class is every Wednesday at 6pm. and Saturday at 12.30pm

Covid-19 Tier 4 Update

Hello, everyone!
In order to comply with the latest Covid-19 regulations, we are now closed until further notice

You can now join our ONLINE CLASSES