Open session

Open Sessions

Constant practice and repetition is super important in gymnastics. Apart from the classes, we are happy to introduce some open sessions during the week and weekend. The open sessions will be supervised, but you will be responsible of your own training and so invited to use the gym and the equipment in the safest way possible, practicing what is in the range of your capabilities.

Is this open to everyone?

Yes. In order to participate, you would need to register in our booking system and sign the waiver of liability – under “my info” – and purchase a single entry ticket for the open session. You can then reserve your space through our online booking system.

How does it work?

The open sessions will be added weekly, sometimes just a few hours before they start. We can’t guarantee fixed hours yet, because the gym is constantly used for private lessons and we might need to use the whole space for it.

The number of people allowed to train at the same time will vary for every single session, depending on what other activity is on in the gym.
For this reason, we didn’t create a carnet, but just a single entry ticket you can purchase online in our Store.
Whenever you wish to train, check our calendar and once you find the open session available, purchase the single entry ticket.


The standard open session will be 1 hour long. This time will be extended to 1 hour and a half in some cases and for the same price.


Equipment and space

During each open session, the use of half of the gym and equipment will be always guaranteed, even if there is a private lesson at the same time. From time to time we may require a specific piece of equipment but you will always have some mats to train.

Gym reopening!

Welcome to OverGravity Gymnastics

We are reopening!
Bookings available now for both group classes and private lessons.

Head to our booking system to book your class, or simply close this pop up and keep browsing :)

Ps: we are in a much bigger venue now. Check out how to reach us here.