OverGravity Gymnastics

About Us

Established in 2018 by founders and directors Davide Buzzi and Matteo Cara, OverGravity Gymnastics aims to make gymnastics accessible to all ages. Our mission is to help everyone, from beginners to advanced performers and athletes, achieve the seemingly impossible through expertly designed programmes. We’ve developed a unique method to teach adults efficiently, quickly, and safely, allowing you to experience the thrill of flipping through the air.

Our comprehensive programmes include tumbling, handstand classes to build balance, Split classes and Backbend & Walkover classes to enhance flexibility, and Calisthenics for strength. Additionally, we proudly offer London’s only full Tricking programme, designed to take you from foundational skills to incredible levels.

Have you ever heard of a Backflip Workshop? Neither had we, which is why we’re the only gym in the UK to offer this unique experience too as well as many other exciting workshops. Join us and get started today with your acrobatic journey at OverGravity.

Meet Our Team

2023 - 2024

Our team is composed of incredible coaches who are dedicated to supporting you both in class and privately to help you achieve your goals. With diverse expertise and years of experience, our coaches are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you receive personalized and professional instruction tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, enhance your performance, or simply enjoy your practice, our team is committed to helping you succeed.


Davide Buzzi

OG Founder Tricking, Tumbling, Parkour, Floor Acro, Handstand

Matteo Cara

OG Founder Tricking, Tumbling, Floor Acro

Schirin Hoth

OG Lead Coach Tumbling, Tricking, Flexibility, Calisthenics, Handstand

Joel Hatfield

OG Lead Coach Tumbling, Tricking, Flexibility, Calisthenics, Handstand

Sofia Zolobova

OG Lead Coach Calisthenics Flexibility

AJ North

OG Lead Coach Screen Combat, Weapons

Dario Mc Cormick

OG Lead Coach Gymnastics, Flexibility, Handstand, Kids Gymnastics

Hope Gemmell

OG Coach Tumbling, Flexibility, Acrodance, Choreography, Kids Gymnastics

Sara Bruni

OG Coach Tumbling, Flexibility, Handstand, Kids Gymnastics

Mitchell March

OG Coach Tumbling, Tricking, Kids Gymnastics


OG Coach
Kids Gymnastics

Dorthea Darby

OG Operations