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OverGravity Cheerleading

We are very excited to announce that from July 2022, we are launching our first OverGravity Cheerleading Team. Our project includes the creation of a recreational class open to multiple levels, as well as a competitive team.

The main thing we aim to achieve is a fun, supportive atmosphere where you can try some jawdropping stunts knowing that we will all be there to catch you should you fall. We don’t want to have a high pressure environment, but equally want to push you to reach your cheerleading goals.

The Levels we will be considering for the Competitive Team will be Level 2 or Level 3 after we complete preliminary workshops, but we are also planning activities for whomever wants to try cheerleading for the first time…

First Step Towards OverGravity Cheer

In July we will be running an event open to any level, to introduce our coaches and what we will be all about. This event will be a workshop, with a part dedicated to exploring the world of cheerleading, as well as building your stunting technique. The second section will be dedicated to testing out your skills and showing us what you have got! 

Whether you are new to cheerleading, or you already have experience, register your interest in the form below and you will be the first to know about updates, including how to join.


Double check for any spelling mistake before submitting your details.

If you are experiencing any issue with the form, to register your interest, you can still send us an email at info@overgravitygymnastics.uk 

New Booking SystemComing Soon

We are changing booking system!
You will still be able to book classes on our old booking system until 9 June.
If you are already a member, you will get notified when you will be able to use the new platform!