OverGravity Gymnastics


OverGravity Gymnastics has set out some basic rules for creating a safe and open environment

When you arrive

  • You can access the gym 15 minutes before your class starts. If the gym door is still shut, please wait in the corridor or just outside the door until a member of staff invites you in.
  • Upon entering the gym, please remove your shoes and store them along with your belongings in the black shelves available.
  • If you are waiting, please allow other participants to store or collect their belongings, ensuring you are not blocking the shelving storage unit.
  • You cannot park your motorised vehicle inside the building as only bicycles are allowed. You can store your bike either in the bike rack on the premises or you can leave it inside the corridor by the gym door. Please be aware that OverGravity Gymnastics will not take responsibility for any loss or damage.

When you leave

  • After your booked lesson you are allowed 15 minutes to cool down and stretch, and collect your belongings.
  • If you have stayed longer than 15 minutes, you may be asked by a member of staff to leave. 
  • Collect all your belongings before you leave (bottles and any rubbish included). OverGravity Gymnastics will not take responsibility for any personal belongings left behind.

Dress Code

  • We recommend you wear gym clothes or comfortable clothing (t-shirt, hoodie, shorts, leggings, tracksuit bottom, etc). 
  • If you need to wear a head-covering, we recommend that it is form fitting.
  • You can train with or without socks. Cheerleading shoes may be allowed if the soles are clean, but only with permission from a member of staff.
  • Jewellery is not advised. Please remove items before the session begins as they can harm you and your coaches. Same applies for watches.
  • Long hair should be pulled back from the face. Hair bands are available at the gym if needed.
  • Other items are permitted to be worn as long as they don’t impede your practice.