Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a class with OverGravity Gymnastics?

Click on “Book” in the website menu.
Register, by clicking “Need an account? Click Here”
Fill up all the fields required

Before you book any classes, you will be required to sign our waiver of liability and agree with our Terms & Conditions.
Yu also need to purchase at least 1 class credit, before being able to book a class.


How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel a class by clicking on the ‘My Schedule’ section of your account and clicking the ‘cancel’ icon next to the class you would like to cancel. If you encounter problems with the online booking system, please email us at to tell us that you would like to cancel. Provided you send the email in accordance with our cancellation policy set out above, we will reinstate a credit for the cancelled class in your ‘Store’. We will confirm this in writing upon receipt of this request.

From the phone browser

From the App

Option 1

Option 2

How do I book a private lessons?

To book a private lessons  get in touch with us . Once you agree on a date and time for the lesson, you can purchase a private lesson on the booking system or pay the coach directly.

How does the waiting list work?

We operate a ‘waiting list’ option if a class is full. It works as follows: 


  • If you try to book a class that is fully booked you will be asked if you want to be added to the waiting list for that class. You can accept or refuse the invitation to join the waiting list.
  • If you join the waiting list and then change your mind you can cancel your place on the waiting list at any time in the same way that you cancel a class (12 hrs before the class starts).
  • When a space becomes available you will be added automatically to the class and receive an email and a text notification via the APP (if you have it installed).
  • You can be added to a class up to 1 hour before the class starts. We understand it can be difficult to reach us in 1 hour. Therefore, if you have been added to the class less than 3 hours before the class starts, and you cannot make it, send an email to: and we will provide a credit to your account.

Can I start gymnastics if I am an adult?

Absolutely yes. We don’t believe in “you are too old to do gymnastics”. 

Do you offer classes for complete beginners?

Yes, we do. You don’t need to be able to do gymnastics to join our beginner level. In level 1 Tumbling, we’ll offer you all you need to build strong gymnatic foundations. You can also join our Flexibility, Gymnastic Strength Class  and Handstand Class even if you don’t have any experience. 

What's the minimum age for adults classes?

16 years old, with parental consent.

How long does it take to learn a back tuck?

This is the most frequent request. It is obviously very subjective and it depends by the background of the person, their level of fitness and coordination, etc. What we notice is that with our OG Method, it’s fairly easy to get a back tuck from the trampette, especially durng a one to one lesson, where we can tailor the exercises to your needs. Some people can achieve it in a day, some people in a month, or more. It is very subjective. The only way to tell is to start training with us!

Do you do kids gymnastics? And what age?

No. Minimum age for classes or private lesson is 16+. Exceptions (only for private lessons) could be made in case of professional performers/athletes.

Do you accept cash to pay for the classes?

Yes, we do. Come to the gym with the exact amount and we will add the credits to your account. Keep in mind we do not accept drop-ins. You will still be required to book your class in advance on our booking system.