OverGravity Gymnastics


Flexibility is an important component of gymnastics and we decided to offer a dedicated hour to flexibilty exercises. A flexible body is less subjected to injuries and a daily gentle stretching routine can really make a difference in your life. So you either want to improve your flexibility for tumbling or just begin with a healthy routine, this is the right stretching and flexibility Class for you.
Our Flexibility, Pancake & Box Split and Front Split Class are open to everyone and to every level. For our new Backbend and Walkover Class, we recommend a minimum of experience with bridge, to a level that allows you to lift your head a couple of inches off the ground. 


If you are starting your journey to improve your flexibility but you don’t want to venture into deeper stretches and want to build up your flexibility gradually, this class is a great starting point. Each session will focus on two main parts of your body:
– Back and Shoulder mobility
– Front Split and Box Split preparation

Front Split and Hip Mobility

Have you ever desired to finally touch the ground doing a front split? You now have weekly class to not only improve your split, but also increase your strength to be able to hold a standing split, which is a great way to maintain the split in the long term and use it for elements such as Aerial, Front Aerial and Tricking Kicks. 

Pancake and Side Split

This class offers a great sequence of active and passive stretching exercises to open your hips and achieve your pancake (chest to floor from straddle seated position) and box split. 
Improving your box split and pancake will help boosting your performance for acrobatic elements such as cartwheel and aerial, work towards your Press to Handstand or for the acrobatic kicks of our Tricking Class.

Backbend & Walkover

This class focuses on your upper, middle and lower back flexibility, as well as shoulder mobility and is excellent to help your posture, to release the tension in your back and shoulders and to also learn beautiful gymnastics shapes as well as learning transitions like backbends and ultimately walkovers. This class requires a minimum prerequisite of being able to push up into a bridge and hold for 3 seconds.

Split Fusion

Dive into the dynamic realm of flexibility with “Split Fusion.” This innovative class seamlessly blends the techniques of front and side splits, creating a unique stretch experience. Challenge your body’s boundaries, improve your range of motion, and master the fusion of two classic splits. Ideal for dancers, athletes, and flexibility enthusiasts. Discover a deeper connection to your body and its capabilities with Split Fusion. Join us!