Gymnastic Strength Class

Our Gymnastic Strength Class is open to all levels and it provides you everything you need for conditioning your body, improving your fitness level and developing your performance in preparation for Tumbling. This will be a bodyweight workout. and will focus on elements that will make you a better rounded gymnast.

Calisthenic Elements

During the class we will be covering different strength elements:

  • Pull Ups and Push Ups
  • Muscle ups
  • Planks and Planches
  • Dips
  • L-sit, V-sit, and Levers
  • Core Workout
  • Pistol Squats, Squats and Power Jump Workout


  • Pull up Bars
  • Rings
  • Wall Bar
  • Parallettes
  • Push up Wheel
  • Blocks¬†
  • Resistance Bands