Online Classes program

Gymnastic Strength Class

Friday: Gymnastic strength class   @ 6.30pm

Sunday: Gymnastic strength class   @ 5pm 

Planches, Tiger bends, Straddle lift to Handstand (Friday)
The class will  focus on: progressions for compressions for handstand press (straddle and pike); progression for tiger bends and planches (tuck and straddle); reinforcing your lower back, good for the health of your back, and your flips too.

Upper body strength (Sunday)
Sunday class will focus on upper body strength, core, upper and lower back strength, hip mobility, preparation for levers, having a 10 minutes final bit dedicated to handstand workout and progression.

Flexibility Class

Wednesday : Flexibility class    @ 630pm   (27th of April: box split)

Saturday: Flexibility class    @ 1230pm  (30th of May: back flexibility)

The flexibility class will be a mix of active and passive workout, with many progressions to achieve: box splits, front splits and work on your back flexiblity (back bend, bride pose, good for walkovers and other elements).
Every week the program will rotate and the focus will be on 1 one of the above elements each class.

Yoga Class

Sunday: Yoga with inversions Class  @ 10am

Restorative Yoga class.
Stressed out by Corona virus? Our ‘Yang to Yin’ yoga class is our mid week restorative session where we will guide you through gentle sun salutation flows to warm the body, transitioning into a sequence of restorative poses, which are held for several minutes each to deepen the stretch on the connective tissues, and calm the mind. Passive stretching is known to allow the body to relax and reach deeper into postures. Note that some of the stretching we will do will also link to your gymnastics practice – such as forward and straddle folds. The one hour class may also contain breath work and/or some short mindfulness practice. Unwind with us on Wednesday nights @ 6:45!

Vinyasa with inversion class
A great workout to complement your sports training, including a mini workshop section, dedicated to at least one element of inversion.
Bringing yoga into your existing training programme is a game changer. This ‘Vinyasa flow’ style class will work on your strength, stability and mobility through flowing yoga poses and breath work. It is less about yoga “oms” and more focussed on the practical benefits of yoga!

Handstand Class

Saturday: Handstand class @ 5pm

Handstand class
Conditioning and progressions for headstand and handstands. Work on body shaping, flexibility for shoulders and specific core workout. Open to all levels with different challenges depending on your ability.

What do you need?
A wall, a tree or any solid vertical surface you can use for handstands.
Some pillows, to make your practice comfortable and safe.