Are you ready?

OverGravity Gymnastics is launching new Online classes. We really believe that staying at home for many hours, without exercising, is not healthy. The body needs to move, stretch, release endorphins, and the mind also needs some variety and distraction that is positive; away from this difficult moment we are all going through.

This is why we want to bring a bit of the OverGravity energy into your home by offering you online classes. Check our program here.

What online classes do we offer?

Yoga classes

We have a Vinyasa with inversion class on Sunday at 10am.
A great workout to complement your sports training,
 including a mini workshop section, dedicated to at least one element of inversion.

Bringing yoga into your existing training programme is a game changer. This ‘Vinyasa flow’ style class will work on your strength, stability and mobility through flowing yoga poses and breath work. It is less about yoga “oms” and more focussed on the practical benefits of yoga!

We also have our ‘Yang to Yin’ yoga class is our mid week restorative session where we will guide you through gentle sun salutation flows to warm the body, transitioning into a sequence of restorative poses, which are held for several minutes each to deepen the stretch on the connective tissues, and calm the mind. Passive stretching is known to allow the body to relax and reach deeper into postures. Note that some of the stretching we will do will also link to your gymnastics practice – such as forward and straddle folds. The one hour class may also contain breath work and/or some short mindfulness practice. Unwind with us on Wednesday nights @ 6:45!

Flexibility classes

Our flexibility class, on Wednesday at 6.30pm and Saturday at 12.30pm, is open to everyone and to every level. You can expect to work on general flexibility involving the whole body and joints,  with particular focus on:

  • back flexibility
  • front splits
  • box splits
Flexibility is an important component of gymnastics and we decided to offer a dedicated hour to flexibilty exercises. A flexible body is less subjected to injuries and a daily gentle stretching routine can really make a difference in your life. So you either want to improve your flexibility for tumbling or just begin with a healthy routine, this is the right class for you.
To know what is the focus of the class each week, check our program.

Gymnastic Strength classes

This gymnastic strength class is the best option to keep you active and strong. If you did gymnastics before, this will be an amazing workout to make sure you don’t lose strength, explosivness and body awareness, for when we will all get back into normal training. If you were thinking to join us or simply to test a different and complete workout, this will be the right option for you.

Sunday class will focus on preparation for levers (straddle and pike) and in general on upper body strength, core, upper and lower back strength, hip mobility, having a 10 minutes final bit dedicated to handstand workout and progression.

Friday gymnastic strength will focus on progressions for compressions for handstand press (straddle and pike), also progression for tiger bends and planches (tuck and straddle). The class will also focus on reinforcing your lower back, good for the health of your spine, and your flips too. 

You can participate to the class even if you have zero experience in gymnastic conditioning or handstands. All the exercises will be fully accessible to beginners.

Handstand class                                                                            

This class will offer you conditioning and progressions for headstand and handstands.
Work on body shaping, flexibility for wrists and shoulders and specific core workout.

Open to all levels with different challenges depending on your ability.
Get the opportunity to improve your strength and balance while staying at home.

What do you need?
A wall, a tree or any solid vertical surface you can use for handstands.
Some pillows, to make your practice comfortable and safe.

How does it work?

The classes will be streamed on zoom
You will just need your phone, tablet or laptop and install the App and then you will be good to go.

1. Book the class through our online booking system or through the app StudioBookings.
2. The time shown on the timetable represents the class sign in limit. We will give you 15 mins to log on, before the class starts (E.g.: class scheduled for 9.45, it will officially begins at 10).
4. Shortly after the class sign in limit, we will send you an email (to the same email address you have used to register to our booking system), containing a link and password to access the class.
5. Turn your audio on, so that you can hear the instructions. (Bottom left of the screen).
4. You are not required to share your video, so it is totally up to you to turn it on or off. However if you do share your video the coach will be able to see your practice and it can make the experience more fun and interactive

What do you need?

The space required for your lesson will be as a big as a yoga/fitness mat.
If you do not have any equipment, is totally fine. The class is structured in a way you will only need the essential.

  • Yoga mat or a blanket / towel
  • Strap or an elastic band / towel
  • Yoga block / book / or a towel
  • Bottle of water 🙂

Additionally, for some specific exercises you will be invited to use any of the following items: sofa, chair, wall


The cost for one online class is £6 and each class will be 1hr long. 
You can reduce the cost even further if your household join the class with you (your family, your partner, your pet). Just sharing with one other means the cost is only £3 per person.

If you want give your contribution and support OverGravity Gymnastics you can:

 – use your normal class credit instead, that you might still have in your account.
 – buy an extra credit for every member of your household who wants to join. (let us know and we will then manually take the credit out of your account)
 – invite more people to participate to our classes 🙂
Every little help counts to support us during this tough time.

Important things to keep in mind

1. The instructor will guide you through the exercises, giving you always an easier option, if needed.
2. Make sure you make enough space for a safe practice (all the exercises will happen within the space of a fitness/yoga mat).
3. If you prefer to have more specific attention and guidance, we also offer online private lessons. Contact us for more info.
4. By signing into the class you are agreeing that you accept full responsibility/liability for yourself, your space and the actions you take in the class, due to the online nature of the class we are unable to provide specific corrections and guidance for injuries and issues.

Our terms and conditions for online classes

1. We recommend you to purchase one credit at a time (in order to don’t accumulate credits you might not be able to use)
2. We do not offer money refund on purchases, unless we stop offering online classes, in which case we will refund up to the cost of max. 5 credits).
3. If you wish to cancel yourself before the class starts, you can do it by yourself up to 1h before the class, through the booking system. For later cancellations, please send us an email at  not later than the class time scheduled.
4. If you have any issue, please contact us and we will be happy to help.