OverGravity Gymnastics

The venue

The space consists in a large training area made of sprung floor (2200sq ft/ 200sqmt). We have plenty of crash mats of all sizes, blocks, 4 trampettes, 4 airtracks and more. 
The floor is naturally divided into two sections by 2 columns, allowing the space to be used for different activites at the same time. You can therefore rent either half the space or the entire gym (or a portion for personal training).

We currently have stuntmen who regularly use our venue to train their stunt choreography and external coaches who use our facilities to teach their clients. Our timetable is always very busy, but we normally have some times during the week or weekend open for hiring.

Venue Hire

OverGravity Gymnastics venue offer a fantastic opportunity to multiple disciplines to use a great range of equipment and a soft gymnastic sprung floor to practice acrobatic related activites, stunts and more.
Our venue is the perfect space for cheerleaders, performers, stuntmen, acrobats, dancers to safely train and reharse their skills and choreography. The space is also great for photoshoots or for filming showreel or adverts. If you are a personal trainer and you want to offer your clients a special environment where to safely practice all sorts of workouts and skills, you can now hire a portion of the space and use it for your business.


Activities allowed

You can use the venue for all sort of activities and workshops, as long as they can be performed on a sprung floor and don’t cause any damage to our equipment. We normally have availability for one-off events or rehearsals, but if you require our space for a regular time, we are open to consider your request. 
We currently do not let our venue to run your own gymnastic/tricking classes. But if you are interested in working with us, you can get in touch with us.


Personal Trainers


For 1:1 only

Half Venue


Up to 15 people

Whole Venue


Up to 30 people