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Special Occasion E-Voucher

Special Occasion E-Voucher

A great idea for a fantastic gift. We bet you have a friend whos dream is “learn how to backflip” 😉

If you wish to purchase a gift voucher, we can create an e-voucher with the name of the person receiving the gift. We can either send it to you or the person directly via email.

We would organise this with you via email correspondence, just give us the details of what you would like to purchase on their behalf, and if you would like us to send the e-voucher directly to the recipient please also include their contact details.

We will then provide you with the payment details via email.

The voucher can include both classes, and private lessons.

On the voucher, it will detail the number of lessons you have purchased for them, and as it is a gift, you won’t have to register this person onto our system to purchase the classes.