Movement workshop

 ” The achievement of a skill is not just the end of the path, but a
    window to  endless  opportunities ” .

This will be the essence of the workshop. Exploring possibilities using as a starting point elements that are more familiar to us, going towards a whole new way of movement.

In my workout I don’t do push ups, I don’t do dips, I don’t isolate the triceps, but I work on all of them at once using many fun ways“.

 The workshop will give you a different perspective on how to develop strength, control and balance, while practising some fun elements and gaining new skills.

Elements you will be exploring and practicing:

  • Cartwheel variations, using knees, elbows, head, hands.
  • Scoot and Bboy scoot
  • Chest rolls, forward and backward fish flop.
  •  Chest roll into handstand progression

Conditioning with some skills

  • Headstand and headstand into handstand ( plus balance variations)
  •  Elbowstand progression and conditioning into tiger bends)
  •  Frogstand (crow)and variations, connected to headstand and handstand

Final combo with a flow of 3/5 elements connected together

The class is open to everyone and each exercise proposed will be tailored to your personal level of strength and ability, meaning that if an exercise will feel too simple or too hard, you’ll be always offered a variation adapted to your level.

Suggested requirements
Cartwheel, headstand

Cost: £15
12 spaces available (4 remaining).