Beginners Action & Fight Choreography


Are you ready to throw yourself into the action?

Following up the successful workshop in October, Omega Level Action is back with AJ North, offering a more in depth workshop across a 4 week programme.
Every session will be 1 hour long and you will be exploring punches, kicks, throws and stabs – to conclude with a session on choreography finishing with your own fight performance!

4 week programme

  •  Warm up 
  • Basic striking and reactions
  •  Distance contro
    – Basic punch reactions
    – Basic slap reactions
    – Basic kick reactions
    – Basic headbutt reactions
    – Basic combination movement and reactions
  •  Create a simple fight sequence with the moves (15 minutes)
  • Warm down stretch and Q&A
  •  Warm up
  • Basic judo throws and breakfalls (using safety crash mats) and Jiu-Jitsu grappling moves
    – Basic back, side and front break fall
    – Basic hip throw
    – Basic arm drag throw
    – Backward roll hip throw
    – Basic armbar
    – Basic choke hold
  • Create a simple fight sequence with the moves (15 minutes)
  • Warm down stretch and Q&A
  • Warm up
  •  Simple Weapons (mix of rubber knife, bat / blunt weapons)
    – Knife thrust and stabs with reaction
    – Knife slashes and reaction
    – Strikes with bat/ blunt weapon plus reactions
    – Close quarters fighting and grappling with weapons
  • Create a simple fight sequence with the moves (15 minutes)
  •  Warm down stretch and Q&A 
  •  Warm up 
  • Filming it and putting it together in a sequence
    – Short talk on camera angles and depth
    – Combining all the students have learnt from the previous workshops students construct their own short fight sequence and film it on their phones 
    – Hero sequence: 1 person takes on the class in a large scale fight while being filmed  
  •  Stretching and cool down with 5 minutes Q&A

Spaces available: 16
Duration: 4 hours in total
Price: £55 early bird. £60 from the 30th of January.

The price is intended for the 4 week programme.
 If you wish to attend a single class, if spaces are still available on the 5th of February, you will be able to book a single class with a special class pass you will find available on the system. The single class pass will cost £20. Terms and Conditions apply.