OverGravity Gymnastics




With Jason Cheung

A workshop examining circus acrobatics, contemporary movement and playing with sequence building. The goal will be to explore tricking movement flow through both soft and dynamic lenses. This workshop would be perfect for those who want to buid some lyricism into their dance disciplines, as well as those who want to gain fluidity in their practice. 

Explore unique movements, rolls as well as variations of gymnastic and acro dance elements with Jason, a specialist in Parkour, Circus Skills and Performance. 

Spaces available: 16
Duration: 120 minutes 
Price: £30 



With Valentino Solinas

Push your kicks to your next level with this unique workshop. Learn all the secrets of the stretching, muscle strengthening and form. A fantastic opportunity to boost your kicks for Tricking or other martial arts!


1) Muscle stretching methodologies and exercises for all levels
2) Muscle strengthening for optimal execution of kicks.
3) Study of basic kicks such as front, roundhouse, hook, spinning hook kick and their evolutions and more acrobatic variants

Spaces available: 25
Duration: 90 minutes 
Price: £20 


Beginners Action & Fight Choreography


Are you ready to throw yourself into the action?

Following up the successful workshop in October, Omega Level Action is back with AJ North, offering a more in depth workshop across a 4 week programme.
Every session will be 1 hour long and you will be exploring punches, kicks, throws and stabs – to conclude with a session on choreography finishing with your own fight performance!

4 week programme

  •  Warm up 
  • Basic striking and reactions
  •  Distance contro
    – Basic punch reactions
    – Basic slap reactions
    – Basic kick reactions
    – Basic headbutt reactions
    – Basic combination movement and reactions
  •  Create a simple fight sequence with the moves (15 minutes)
  • Warm down stretch and Q&A
  •  Warm up
  • Basic judo throws and breakfalls (using safety crash mats) and Jiu-Jitsu grappling moves
    – Basic back, side and front break fall
    – Basic hip throw
    – Basic arm drag throw
    – Backward roll hip throw
    – Basic armbar
    – Basic choke hold
  • Create a simple fight sequence with the moves (15 minutes)
  • Warm down stretch and Q&A
  • Warm up
  •  Simple Weapons (mix of rubber knife, bat / blunt weapons)
    – Knife thrust and stabs with reaction
    – Knife slashes and reaction
    – Strikes with bat/ blunt weapon plus reactions
    – Close quarters fighting and grappling with weapons
  • Create a simple fight sequence with the moves (15 minutes)
  •  Warm down stretch and Q&A 
  •  Warm up 
  • Filming it and putting it together in a sequence
    – Short talk on camera angles and depth
    – Combining all the students have learnt from the previous workshops students construct their own short fight sequence and film it on their phones 
    – Hero sequence: 1 person takes on the class in a large scale fight while being filmed  
  •  Stretching and cool down with 5 minutes Q&A

Spaces available: 16
Duration: 4 hours in total
Price: £55 early bird. £60 from the 30th of January.

The price is intended for the 4 week programme.
 If you wish to attend a single class, if spaces are still available on the 5th of February, you will be able to book a single class with a special class pass you will find available on the system. The single class pass will cost £20. Terms and Conditions apply.

New Booking SystemComing Soon

We are changing booking system!
You will still be able to book classes on our old booking system until 9 June.
If you are already a member, you will get notified when you will be able to use the new platform!