Yoga & Inversions

Weekly class

Bringing yoga into your existing training programme is a game changer. This ‘Vinyasa flow’ style class will work on your strength, stability and mobility through flowing yoga poses and breath work. It is less about yoga “oms” and more focussed on the practical benefits of yoga!

A great workout to complement your sports training and to address posture imbalances created by our daily lives.

Each week will vary in focus and will feature at least one arm balance or inversion such as headstand variations, crow and crane, forearm stands, and handstands for students to experiment with, all with the added benefit of taking place on the comfort of OverGravity’s sprung floor, making any trial and errors with inversions and arm balances just that bit less scary and for those of you in search of a challenge, it makes balance poses just that little bit more demanding!

Yoga class info

Days & Time

Every Sunday at 10am

Element of inversions

  • Crow and Crane
  • Headstand & variations
  • Handstand with different shapes
  • Pincha (forearm stand)

No previous yoga experience necessary.

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