OG Kids Classes

  1. Trial Sessions and Payment:
    1.1. We offer a trial session for £16 to prospective participants if spaces are available. Should the child choose to continue, payment for the full term will be required.
    1.2. If a child joins the class after the term has commenced, parents will be invoiced a proportionate amount for the remaining classes in the term.
    Term payments are generally non-refundable, except in specific cases as described in 1.4.

    Class Cancellations:
    1.4. Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances such as a coach’s absence or events outside our control may lead to the cancellation of a class. In such cases, every effort will be made to find a suitable cover; however, if we are unable to run the class, we will notify parents as soon as possible. Specific compensation or rescheduling policies will be communicated at the time of cancellation.

      Pricing Structure:
      1.5. As we are a growing and constantly developing business, our pricing structure for group classes may be subject to change to accommodate more 
      classes and activities. Any such change will be communicated with a minimum of 3 months’ notice and will never affect the current term.

  1. Term Payment and Availability:
    2.1. The payment for the upcoming term is due two weeks before the end of the current term.
    2.2. Failure to pay by the specified deadline will result in the forfeiture of the space, which will be made available to members on the waitlist.
    2.3. The waitlist will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2.4. Parents will be given a 12-hour window to confirm their interest and book a spot if offered from the waitlist.
  2. Payment and Installments:
    3.1. Payment for classes is required upfront.
    3.2. If you are using a pay-as-you-go option, you have up to 12 hours to cancel the class to get a refund.
    3.3 If you are paying per Term, the amount is non refundable.
    3.4. Installment options are available to accommodate parents’ financial situations, however the full term payment  is still compulsory, even when paying in installments. 
  3. Behaviour Expectations:
    4.1. All participating children are expected to behave appropriately and respectfully during classes.
    4.2. In cases of serious misbehavior, the gym reserves the right to request the removal of the child from the program.
    4.3. Parents are also expected to adhere to respectful behaviour and cooperation with the gym’s staff and policies.
    4.4. Discrimination and misbehaviour will not be tolerated in any capacity.
  4. Legal Considerations:
    5.1. The gym will operate in compliance with all relevant UK laws and regulations regarding child safety, protection, and data privacy.
    5.2. The gym will maintain necessary licenses, permits, and insurances required to operate safely and legally.
    5.3. All coaches and staff members will undergo appropriate background checks and training as per legal requirements.
    5.4. Any personal information collected from parents and children will be handled in accordance with the UK’s data protection laws.

6. Parent Responsibilities:
     6.1. Parents are requested to wait outside the training area’s door and be prepared to collect their children promptly at the end of each class.
     6.2. Parents or carers are responsible for ensuring the safe entry and exit of their children, as well as supervising the behavior of siblings in the lobby
     6.3. The waiting area on the first floor is shared with other businesses. We kindly ask that you respect this space and avoid activities that may disturb
     others, such as loud talking and excessive electronic device volume. 


  1. Camp Bookings:
     7.1. Camps must be booked in advance, with fees paid at the time of booking to secure a spot.
    7.2. Camp enrolment forms must be digitally filled and signed by the customer, either via the booking system or via email upon registration. We are unable to accept any booking unless the registration form as been correctly filled.
    7.3. Payment must be received within 24 hours of sending the camp enrolment form.
    7.4. OG Kids reserves the right to modify camp arrangements according to government guidelines.
  2. Cancellations & Refunds for Camps:
    8.1. Camps are non-refundable, and credits applied to camps will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
    8.2. OG Kids reserves the right to cancel camps with fewer than 8 children booked. A full refund or credit restoration will apply in such cases.
    8.3. Parents, siblings, and guests are not allowed to remain on the premises during camps for health, safety, and safeguarding reasons, however they can wait outside the gymnasium or in the communal areas of the premises.
  3. Safety & Behaviour:
    9.1. Children are expected to wear appropriate sports clothing and be barefoot for safety purposes in the gym. No jewellery or food is allowed in the gym. Earrings must be taped for safety.
    9.2. Disruptive, destructive, or dangerous behaviour will be addressed through communication with parents and children. If issues persist, the child may be asked to take a quiet break. Continued behaviour issues may result in temporary suspension from camp, with no refunds or credits provided.
  4. Food & Refreshments:
    10.1. Children should bring a clearly marked water bottle and a healthy snack. OG Kids cannot provide food due to Health & Safety considerations.
  5. Child Drop-Off and Pick-Up:
    11.1. To ensure safety and security, OG Kids camps operate as drop-off only. Parents, siblings, and guests are not allowed to stay on the premises during camp sessions.

12. Property Safety and Personal Belongings:
      12.1. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety in the car park, entry/exit areas, and other property areas. Parking is not available on site;
      however, customers can park in the Tesco next door. No responsibility is taken for personal belongings within any area of our premises. Please refrain
      from bringing nuts onsite to protect children with allergies.


  1. Private Lessons:
    13.1. Private lessons can be booked via email messaging at ogkids@overgravitygymnastics.uk.
    13.2. Payment is required to secure the booking.
    13.3. The cancellation policy for private lessons is 12 hours. If cancellation is provided on time, we will be able to reschedule or refund the money. If the lesson is cancelled late, we won’t be able to offer a money refund or move your booking.


  1. Age Registrions for Classes, Camps and Private Lessons
    14.1. The minimum age for OverGravityTeenies classes is 6, and the maximum age is 10.
    14.2. The minimum age for OverGravityTeens classes is 11, and the maximum age is 16.
    14.3. Kids aged 17 will be invited to join our adult classes.
    14.4. The Summer Camp has a minimum age of 6 and a maximum age of 16.
    14.5 Private lessons can be arranged from age 4 onwards.