OverGravity Gymnastics



Our Calisthenic classes in London provide you with everything you need for conditioning your body, improving your fitness level and developing new extraordinary skills.

Calisthenics - Foundations

This class is  the core of our Calisthenic activites. Achieve the correct technique for all the Calisthenic elements, no matter your level! Work on your strength with the most efficient form, whilst exploring avariety of exercises involving all the main muscle groups as well as functional movements to maintain the integrity of your body and joints

Progressions and elements developed during this class involve:

  •  Pistol Squats
  • Pull ups and Push ups,
  • Plank and Planches preparation
  • The L-Sit (from beginner to advanced level)
  • Handstand conditioning and push ups
  • Skin the cat, circle up and circle down.
  • Levers preparation

Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 7pm
Saturday 4.30pm
Sunday 3pm

No experience required

OG Power

Calisthenic Circuit Training

Our signature class revolutionise the classic circuit training, introducing some of the best gymnastic conditioning exercises to build up your body strength and agility. During this fun and explosive class you will be using floor, ropes, rings, bars, parallettes, boxes and more to work on variety of elements to build up explosive jumps and increase leg, core, shoulder and arm strength.
You will also explore new skills and patterns to improve your body awareness, rapidity and coordination. 
This class is great to improve your level of fitness and highly recommend to step up your Tumbling and Tricking game.

Wednesday 7pm

No experience required

Calisthenics - Muscle up

The muscle up is way more than just a skill. It is also an incredible way to build strength, mobility and fluidity. In this class you will be developing  a variety of progressions involving pushing and pulling and also conditioning exercises to strengthen your wrists and your upper body. 
Dips, pull ups and false grip will be some of the elements you will be practicing during the lesson, as well as assisted muscle up with power bands to gradually train your body until you will be ready to do it unassisted.
This class is open to all levels although a minimum requirement of 1 chin up or pull up is recommended and every participants will be given tailored exercises adapted to their level of strength.

Sunday 2pm

Minimum suggested requirements:
1x Chin up or 
1x Pull up