OverGravity Gymnastics

Handstand class

We know how tricky learning to handstand can be!
That’s why we tailored a weekly handstand class, to help you finding that “sweet spot”! 
Our Gymnastics Handstand Exercises Classes aim to give you all the tools to get you flexible and strong for your handstands. The coach will offer you a step-by-step progression, to understand the mechanics of the handstand and how to find and stay in your balance point.

We created two classes to explore alignment, shapes, variations and also experience the balance not only on the floor, but also on handstand blocks, parallettes and canes.

Handstand Balance Training


This class will have its focus on three main aspects of your handstand. 
Conditioning: a sequence of exercises to strengthen and open your shoulders to allow you to explore a variety of positions more freely.
Alignment and shapes: drills and progressions to understand how to get not only a straight line, but also exploring a variety of shapes to fully understand how to move your hips, shoulders and legs.
Handstand Walks: a dynamic and fun exercise that teaches you how to improve your balance and make adjustments.

Minimum experience recommended
20s hold a plank position with straight arms

Private Lessons

  • Never tried a handstand before? No problem!
    Choose a 1 to 1 lessons with our coaches to get you started in your handstand journey!
  • Do you want to improve faster on your own/with a friend?
    In a private lesson, the coach will tailor the class to your needs and give you undivided attention to get you to your goals faster!