OverGravity Gymnastics

Our Story

OverGravity Gymnastics is the result of a dream of 2 Italians, whos passion for gymnastics pushed them to move abroad and find the perfect location for a brand new and unique project: a gymnastics club exclusively for adults, where anyone, from ages 16 to 70 (and beyond!), can learn how to flip.

What is unique about our gym is the type classes and services offered which are tailored exclusively for adults. We wanted to turn the usual mentality of, “unless you are a kid, you are too old to do gymnastics” on its head entirely. We do not preclude anyone from starting their gymnastics journey, and strongly believe that anyone can learn to do a variety of tricks, with the right progression and preparation. There are people coming to our classes aged over 50 and 60 years old doing backflips and frontflips for the first time. That is our target: teaching everyone in the world how to flip!

We have rolled the standard gymnastic teaching method over, making gymnastics accessible to everybody, whether you are an athlete coming from a similar sport, or an office worker who uses a computer all day.

You can expect a friendly, laid-back, and supportive environment. All the coaches love what they do, and this is a passion and love that is seen when you first walk into our gym. The sense of community is strong, and that is what we have been working hard to achieve ever since we opened 2 years ago.

We do not need a certain level of skills or fitness. People come to us for all sorts of reasons: to explore something new, to challenge themselves physically, or even to find the sense of freedom that a flip can give you (and we know how addictive that can become). It can be that you are learning how to do a forward roll, or a handstand, or a double twist in the air, but 

each will be met with the same level of enthusiasm and passion from our coaches, because teaching these skills is what make us happy.
Our students can also count on our OverGravity coaching method, which is the result of more than 25 years of combined coaching experience between the owners Davide and Matteo. Their method has been developed from a combination of different coaching backgrounds merged to create the best and most effective system to learn flips in complete safety, no matter what your age or starting level.