OverGravity Gymnastics


Our Special Classes are designed to focus on one single skill for one hour, offering you the opportunity to build it from the foundations, all the way up to the final result. 
It is a great opportunity to further explore some of the elements we teach in our Tricking classes or to taste some we have not yet covered in our group classes.

What we cover

The selection of skills includes: 
Raiz, Butterfly Twist, Gainer, Full Twisting, Cork, Helicoptero Cartwheel, 360 Dive Roll, Touch Down Raiz and many more.

The level of each class is dependant on the skill taught. Skills such as raiz, touch down raiz, 360 dive roll, helicoptero cartwheel don’t need any particular prerequisites, however the other skills may need some foundational movements. These will be highlighted in the description of each class on our booking platform.


Regular classes:
Monday 2pm (coming soon)
Wednesday 2pm
Saturday morning (announced on our social media and community chat)