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Tumbling Level 1

Adult Gymnastics Classes London

Tumbling Level 1

Welcome to adult gymnastics!
Level 1 is great if it is your first time in the world of gymnastics or if you haven’t practiced in a very long time.

This class will focus on the basics of gymnastics, ensuring you have the right techniques to perform more complex skills safely. 

No experience required.

Each class will focus on:

Assisted Handstand
Hurdle step Cartwheel
Forward and Backward Rolls
Straight and Tuck Jumps 
Floor and trampette rebound technique
Dive Roll and Front Flip preparation

Tumbling Level 1.5

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Tumbling Level 1.5

So you have dipped your toe into gymnastics, and want to move onto the more difficult and impressive skills.

This class will be focusing on the essential techniques to mastering the basic flips with the help and support from our coaches and our specialist equipment.

 Straight Cartwheel
 Hurdle step into cartwheel
 Kick to Handstand against the wall
 Forward and Backward roll
Dive Roll
Jumps (straight and tuck)

Each class will focus on:

Round off
Handstand Hop
Handstand to Forward Roll
Backward Roll to Front support
Handstand to bridge 
Front Tuck and Flyspring with trampette


Our Level 2, 2.5 and 3 have programmes you can check to know in advance what skills will be taught on a specific day. Check our programmes here.

Tumbling Level 2

Tumbling Level 2

If you have always dreamed of flipping in the air, this is the right level for you. There are progressions and exercises to learn impressive skills, and also drills to improve your strength and flexibility. Level 2 is great fun, but make sure to have strong foundational techniques before you begin (check level 1). Check our Level 2 Programme to see what skills will be on specific days.

Round off to straight jump
Fly spring with the trampette
Front tuck with the trampette

Each class will be focused on progressions for 2 complex skills.

The skills will be varied across the following skills:

Front Tuck/pike
Kip up, headspring, Fly Spring, Front Handspring
Back Tuck and round off Back tuck
Back Handspring and Round Off Back handspring
Webster and Aerial

Tumbling Level 2.5

Tumbling Level 2.5

This is an intermediate level class that allows you to work on more skills at a time.
It is the best choice if you are aiming to get your flips unspotted. The class is structured to focus on multiple elements, and ultimately preparing you for advanced tumbling in our level 3 classes. 

If you have been training your skills, but are lacking the confidence to join our advanced class, this is a perfect stepping stone to becoming a master of tumbling!

Front Tuck and Front Handspring (on trampette or airtrack)
Assisted Backflip off a trampette (either by the coach or a mat)

Front Tuck and Front Handspring connections on the floor/mats.
Drills to improve Back Tuck and Back Handspring 
Round off Back tuck 
Round off Back handspring

Front/Back Half Twisting
Side Flip

Tumbling Level 3

Tumbling Level 3

Master the key gymnastic elements and build your technique to perfect your skills.

Refine your gymnastic passes, work on new connections, learn twisting and explore all hte possible combinations you can learn using the  mini tramp, aritracks and sprung floor.

Front Handspring and Front tuck on airtrack
Assisted Round off Back Tuck 
Assisted Round off Back Handspring
Back handspring or Back tuck off a trampette (unassisted or light support)

You will master key gymnastic skills unspotted, and will develop new variations and connections.

Back layout, back split (flashkick), Whip, Front layout, Front Step out


Front half twist and full twist
Back half twist and full twist

Back handspring to back handspring
back handspring to back tuck 
Front handspring to front tuck 
.. and many more

Front handpsring Round off Backflip 
Front tuck step out round off back handspring


There are no limitations to the level you can push yourself in this class. If you already have most of the above elements, the coach will support you to improve and learn the next step.