Adult Gymnastics Classes



Adult Gymnastics Classes London

Tumbling Level 1

Welcome to adult gymnastics!
Level 1 is great if it is your first time in the world of gymnastics or if you haven’t practiced in a very long time.

This class will be focusing on the basics of gymnastics ensuring you have the right techniques to perform more complex skills safely. 

No experience required.

Each class will focus on:

Handstand, Cartwheel, Forward and Backward Rolls. 

 Jumps on sprung floor and mini trampoline, and progression for Dive Roll and Front Tuck.

Adult Gymnastics Classes London

Tumbling Level 2

If you have always dreamed of flipping in the air, this is the right level for you. 

There are progressions and exercises to learn impressive skills, and also drills to improve your strength and flexibility. Level 2 is great fun, but make sure to have strong foundational techniques before you begin (check level 1).

✔  Being comfortable with a Cartwheel, Handstand and Dive Roll.

✔ Have done at least one level 1 class (recommended).

Each class will be focused on progressions for 2 complex skills.

The skills will be varied across the following skills:

Front Tuck, Front Handspring, Back Tuck, Back Handspring, Round off Back Tuck, Webster and Aerial.

Check our programme to see what skills will be on specific days.


Tumbling Level 2 Intermediate

This is an intermediate level class that allows you to work on more skills at a time.
It is the best choice if you are aiming to get your flips unspotted. The class is structured to focus on multiple elements, and ultimately preparing you for advanced tumbling in our level 3 classes. 

If you have been training your skills, but are lacking the confidence to join our advanced class, this is a perfect stepping stone to becoming a master of tumbling!

✔ Being comfortable with Front Handspring and Front Tuck
      (with or without trampette). 

✔ Being comfortable with Round off. 

✔ Have done at least one level 2 on Back Tuck progression
     (highly recommended).

The class will cover more gymnastic elements each session: 
Front Tuck and Front Handspring on the floor/mats.
Aerial drills and Webster drills.
Drills for Back Tuck, Back Handspring and Round Off + Flip.
Drills for Front/Back half Twisting

Tumbling Level 3

It’s flipping time! 

Master the key gymnastic elements and build your technique to perfect your skills.

This is our most advanced class, that allows those experienced in gymnastics to explore challenging connections with support and guidance.

✔ Being comfortable with Front Handspring and Front Tuck                    without trampette.

✔ Being comfortable with either Round off Back Handspring or            Round off Back Tuck (spotted).

✔ Being comfortable with one Backwards Flip i.e. back handspring  or backtuck (with or without trampette).


You will master key gymnastic skills unspotted, and will develop new variations and connections.

Example: Round Off – Back Handpsring – Back Tuck.

You’ll also be supported with front and back Pike, Layout, Twist as well as Arabians and Freewalkovers.

All classes include warm-up and a bit of conditioning to better prepare your body for the training. 

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If you are not sure what is the right level for you, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.